Kinda USA Delivering Friday Khutbah on May 7th – Please show your support

Posted on May 06 , 2010 in Blog & Events & Khutbahs

Brother Ibrahim Abusway from Kinda USA will give the Friday khutbah on May 7th. He will be asking our community to show support to his organization and their effort in Gaza and the West Bank.

Here’s brother Ibrahim’s message:

Kinder USA is a 501c3 nonprofit founded by Muslims in the U.S. and is in good standing with the US Treasury Department and the European Union’s ECHO. All of our projects are legal and transparent and our annual reports can be accessed at www.kinderusa.org . Our most important documents are attached (1 attachment, 2 pages).

Although we have helped in various parts of the world (ie. Katrina, Asian tsunami, Pakistan), most of our focus and funding goes to help our needy brothers and sisters in Gaza and the West Bank. The situation in Gaza is very dire, and we would like to update your community on our projects there and how they can help.
Our “hot meals” program which provides needy school children 2 free meals daily is making a huge difference. Our “Farmer’s” project is succeeding at helping poor farmers on one side, and poor families on the other, by having the latter purchase fresh food (for free via vouchers) from the former. We are also in the process of starting 2 new bakeries which will help feed thousands.
We really need to reach out to your community to remind them about the situation in and around Jerusalem and Gaza as well as the hardships our brothers and sisters are facing. I hope to visit your community in April, May, June or beyond.
Please remember many of our recipients are surviving on less than $1 per day! Not to mention all the other hardships they face daily.

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