Not very Demanding: In search of a Imam!

Posted on Jul 18 , 2010 in Blog

Assalamou Alaikom!

We have been looking for a part-time or full-time [cool] Imam for Masjid Khadija. In short, the Imam should have the following (or striving towards…we’re not that demanding!):

1) A degree in Islamic Studies that’s reflected in your behavior. Translation: not just repeat what others say. Be a thought-leader, engaging, and mind-provoking; can relate the knowledge you acquired to the people, each at their own level of understanding.

2) Demonstrated knowledge in Islamic sciences (Quran, Hadith, Fiqh …). Translation: we don’t need you to be a super-dooper scholar! Have knowledge and command of the core of our deen; not afraid to say “I don’t know”; educate us and make us want to know more!

3) Excellent communication skills and strong command of English and Arabic. As in, we live in America, not some other country 🙂 You’ll be an important facet of our masjid and community, and we need you to be articulate and communicate well, especially with non-Muslims. We are not here just for immigrants; we are here for the future of our community as well: the youth. You need to know to speak their language and relate to them. If they say “he’s cool”, you are definitely in!

4) Ability to recite Quran.

4) Strong desire and commitment to build a community up and see it grow and prosper. This is your opportunity to have a lasting hand-print and huge reward (Insh’Allah)!

5) Ability to interact and engage Muslims from different demographics and ages (especiall youth). In short, a “people” person. Outgoing and social and welcoming…and no anger please! We need a pleasant personality!

Duties and Responsibilities (the typical job description…sorry)

1) Lead the daily prayers and create an atmosphere that would encourage more to attend.

2) Deliver Friday Khutbah.

3) Give lectures and informat lessons.

4) Be able to create programs and organize events that would cater to the community’s needs (Education, Dawah, Youth etc.).

5) Additional responsbilities as agreed upon; Yes it’s intentionally-vague. Are you up for the challenge? 🙂 .

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