Ramadan & Taraweeh

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Ramadan will be on Wednesday July 10th, insh’Allah. Taraweeh prayers will be held at the Sheraton DTC after Isha prayers.


Ramadan & Location Update

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  • We will start Ramadan and celebrate Eid in full harmony with the larger Colorado Muslim Community, insha’Allah.
  • Our strong commitment to serving the South Denver community in Ramadan continues.
  • Isha & Taraweeh Prayers will be held at the Sheraton DTC, led by Brother Hasan.
  • Prayers will start at 10PM in the first week. Time will be adjusted for following weeks.
  • We will not be able to offer Iftar during Ramadan.
  • Friday prayers will continue to be held at the Sheraton DTC at 12:45pm.
  • Your du’a, solidarity, and continuous support are very important to us.
  • Connect with us at our
    or Facebook page.


Earlier in the year, we identified a rental location in south Denver to serve our community’s needs and growth projections for the next 3-5 years. After 5 months of arduous negotiations with the property owner and close coordination with the city of Centennial, the rental property owner refused to sign the lease. As the blessed month of Ramadan approaches and to continue our tradition and strong commitment of serving the South Denver Muslim community during Ramadan, we have reserved the Sheraton DTC to hold Isha & Taraweeh prayers, in addition to the Jumu’a (Friday) prayers.

We will start Ramadan and celebrate Eid in full harmony with the larger Colorado Muslim Community, insha’Allah. We will post information about the beginning of Ramadan on the 29th of Shaban (Wednesday, July 18th, 2011), at the earliest, at our website. You can also contact Masjid Abu Bakar at 303 696 9800 or check their website to get the same information.

Brother Hasan, who has led the Taraweeh at our Masjid for the last couple of years (and at Masjid Annur prior to that), will be leading these prayers this year, insha’Allah.

Isha prayer, for the first week of Ramadan will start at 10PM. The start time for the following 3 weeks will be adjusted and announced via e-mail and on our website and social network profiles.

Shortly after Ramadan, insha’Allah, the board, with your and the rest of the community’s support will devise plans to secure a permanent location for Masjid Khadeejah to build a more solid ground from which we can expand and grow, insha’Allah.

Despite the hardships we have experienced and the inconvenience of holding prayers at hotels, our Friday prayer attendees have continued to rise, which speaks volumes to the support of our community and the quality of services we offer.

With Allah’s grace and tawfeeq, your du’a and your solidarity, our mission and resolve of serving the South Denver and the larger Muslim community is unwavering. So, please keep us in your du’a so Allah guides us to do the best for his deen and this community.

If you’d like more information or if you feel you can help in any way, please contact us at our website or our Facebook page; or reply to this e-mail.

South Denver Islamic Center (Masjid Khadeejah)

Adnan Al-Ghourabi – Director of Communication




Arabic Classes to Begin Sunday, June 19th @11am

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Assalamou alaikom dear brothers and sisters,


1) We will insha’Allah commence our Arabic class offering for beginners next Sunday, June 19th @11am.
2) Links to buy the introductory book are below.
3) Please reply to me to confirm your attendance.
4) Ages 12+ are welcome.


How will the program be structured?

We will use an academic curriculum for learning Arabic with 10-week programs. The book we’ll use insha’Allah is:

Al-Kitaab fii Ta’allum al-Arabiyaa: A Texbook for Beginning Arabic. This program has an introductory edition in addition to three books (levels 1,2, and 3).

This curriculum is widely-adopted and is considered one of the best out there.

What book(s ) do we need to get?

We will start, insha’Allah with: Alifa Baa: Introduction to Arabic Letters and Sounds (Edition 3, June 2010). The book comes with a DVD and a companion website.
bn.com: http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/alif-baa-kristen-brustad/1004781056?ean=9781589016323&itm=1&usri=mahmoud%2bal%2bbatal
Note: you have the option to rent the book for $20 for 60 days or buying it. If you are a B&N member, the book will cost about $46 with shipping

amazon.com: http://www.amazon.com/Alif-Baa-Introduction-Al-Kitaab-Language/dp/1589016327/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1307922812&sr=1-1-catcorr

What age group is this program for?
Ages 12+ are welcome. It will be hard to include ages younger than 12. We can discuss at the first meeting and see what other alternatives we may have.
Why beginners?

It’s better to bring people up to the same level. If you already know some Arabic, this may help you bridge any gaps and prepare you for the following levels that will be offered insha’Allah.

How long is a class and how much does it cost?
Each class will run for 2 hours with a 15-minute break. Given that we will only meet once a week (unless the collective desires otherwise), this will be an intensive session (I.e., you need to be passionate AND serious about learning). I do not mind doing an additional 1-hour class on Wednesdays or Thursdays if this is feasible for everyone.

Based on the survey, the majority preferred something in the range of $10/hour. All proceeds will go to the masjid.
The total cost for the class will be $200 (10 weeks X 2 hours X $10). Payment is due by the 3rd week (July 10th).

What’s the teaching style like?
The instructor, Adnan Al-Ghourabi, has taught before intermediate and advanced Arabic at the Rochester Institute of Technology and intermediate Arabic for a group of Muslims in Denver few years ago. I try to make the experience as enjoyable as possible.
We will have interactive sessions so it is not a boring one-way lecturing style. We will use the provided DVDs as well as materials online to make the learning experience more enriching.

This will definitely be a lot easier since most of you, if not all, already know some basics (at least, reading-wise). But keep in mind that you have to do most of the work to read and learn on your own and not only rely on the lecturer. If you are not up for this task, this may not be the best option for you.
We look forward to seeing you on the 19th!

Women’s Program: Sisters in Solidarity

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The Sisters in Solidarity (SIS) group is meeting once  a month (2nd Saturday) from 2-4pm.

The group’s activities entail learning Quran, Hadith, and other Islamic teachings and rituals.

For example, they are currently going over the translation of surat An-Nisa (The Women). In each gathering one Hadith is selected and studied. In one gathering, the sisters learned how to give ghusal (washing) to a deceased person.

The setting is casual and comforting with the intention of creating an inviting atmosphere for sisters to gather.

When the group first started, SIS had five members. As the word spread around, there are currently 20 members!

If you are interested in joining, please attend at the aforementioned date/time or contact sister Shehla Barkatullah.


Sunday School

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Masjid Khajeeda Sunday Islamic School Started on January 3rd, 2010 we are teaching Islam my Deen as Islam My Way Of Life with the Starting enrollment of 12 student. Current enrollment at 24 student.

Currently their are 2 grade levels.

Timings 11 am-1 pm

1. Level 1 age group 5-7 Curriculum Includes: Short Surahs, 5 Pillars of Isalm, Islamic Nasheeds and Islamic Manners

2. Level 2 age group 8-12 Curriculum Includes: Complete steps of Wudu, Complete Steps of Salah with meaning, Short Surahs with meaning, Life of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)

At present their are 2 volunteer teachers for each level. We are looking to add another level for the age group of 13-17 soon Inshallah

Also we are teaching Quran between 1-5 pm every Sunday to all children age level

Started MAS ( Muslim American Society)  group for our teenagers on February 27th which will be taking place every other Saturday between 6-8 pm.