Masjid Khadeejah Location Update

Posted on Jan 14 , 2012 in Blog & Events

Assalamou Alaikom Dear Brothers and Sisters,

We pray that this e-mail finds you and your family in the best state of iman and

We’d first like to wish our Colorado brothers and sisters who left for Hajj a safe journey and Hajj Mabrour, insh’Allah.


  • Masjid Khadeejah leaving current location. Search for another rental facility is underway.
  • Friday prayer are being offered at the Holiday Inn DTC.
  • Sunday school is being offered at the Crescent View Academy (CVA), insha’Allah.
  • You can support us with your du’a and other means.
  • To be added to our e-mail list, please contact pr@masjidkhadeejah.org.


As we feel Masjid Khadeejah, though a nascent organization, is an important component of the Colorado Muslim fabric, we wanted to apprise you of few important updates on the state of our organization.

1) Back in January, we announced our relocation to another rental facilitiy as it was more affordable. Although the building we occupied was not ideal, it continued to serve the south Denver Muslim community and with the blessing of Allah, we were able grow and add an Arabic program for beginners from which 7 students have graduated.

At the end of September, we were notified by the City of Centennial that our use of that facilitiy for a religious congregation has been in violation of the zoning for the building. As a result, we were given a 30-day notice by the property owner, and therefore we had to leave the facility by Saturday October 29, 2011.

A rental facility is never ideal and we always run the risk of circumstances arising that could force us to relocate.

We are still determined in seeking a permanent location for Masjid Khadeejah provided we have the proper funding.

As of now, we have not found an alternative location. We are working, however, with very diligent realtors and with the city of Centennial to find a more suitable location that will be in line with the city’s requirements.

2) The core of our organization is the community. Al hamdou lilah, our community is strong and growing thanks to the diversified (and successful) programs offered at Masjid Khadeejah.

To keep the momentum going, we will offer these temporary locations for the next few weeks until another rental facility is secured:

Friday prayers are being held at the Holiday Inn, at the regular time of 12:30pm. Please check back with us for the latest updates.

The Sunday School, starting Sunday 10/30, will be offered at The Crescent View Academy (CVA).

How can you help? First, keep us in your du’a so Allah guide us to do the best for his deen and this community. Second, you can always choose to support us with one-time or recurring payments at
our website.

South Denver Islamic Center (Masjid Khadeejah)

Adnan Al-Ghourabi – Director of Communication


Friday Prayers at the Holiday Inn

Sunday School at CVA



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