Ramadan & Location Update

Posted on Jul 12 , 2012 in Blog & Programs


  • We will start Ramadan and celebrate Eid in full harmony with the larger Colorado Muslim Community, insha’Allah.
  • Our strong commitment to serving the South Denver community in Ramadan continues.
  • Isha & Taraweeh Prayers will be held at the Sheraton DTC, led by Brother Hasan.
  • Prayers will start at 10PM in the first week. Time will be adjusted for following weeks.
  • We will not be able to offer Iftar during Ramadan.
  • Friday prayers will continue to be held at the Sheraton DTC at 12:45pm.
  • Your du’a, solidarity, and continuous support are very important to us.
  • Connect with us at our
    or Facebook page.


Earlier in the year, we identified a rental location in south Denver to serve our community’s needs and growth projections for the next 3-5 years. After 5 months of arduous negotiations with the property owner and close coordination with the city of Centennial, the rental property owner refused to sign the lease. As the blessed month of Ramadan approaches and to continue our tradition and strong commitment of serving the South Denver Muslim community during Ramadan, we have reserved the Sheraton DTC to hold Isha & Taraweeh prayers, in addition to the Jumu’a (Friday) prayers.

We will start Ramadan and celebrate Eid in full harmony with the larger Colorado Muslim Community, insha’Allah. We will post information about the beginning of Ramadan on the 29th of Shaban (Wednesday, July 18th, 2011), at the earliest, at our website. You can also contact Masjid Abu Bakar at 303 696 9800 or check their website to get the same information.

Brother Hasan, who has led the Taraweeh at our Masjid for the last couple of years (and at Masjid Annur prior to that), will be leading these prayers this year, insha’Allah.

Isha prayer, for the first week of Ramadan will start at 10PM. The start time for the following 3 weeks will be adjusted and announced via e-mail and on our website and social network profiles.

Shortly after Ramadan, insha’Allah, the board, with your and the rest of the community’s support will devise plans to secure a permanent location for Masjid Khadeejah to build a more solid ground from which we can expand and grow, insha’Allah.

Despite the hardships we have experienced and the inconvenience of holding prayers at hotels, our Friday prayer attendees have continued to rise, which speaks volumes to the support of our community and the quality of services we offer.

With Allah’s grace and tawfeeq, your du’a and your solidarity, our mission and resolve of serving the South Denver and the larger Muslim community is unwavering. So, please keep us in your du’a so Allah guides us to do the best for his deen and this community.

If you’d like more information or if you feel you can help in any way, please contact us at our website or our Facebook page; or reply to this e-mail.

South Denver Islamic Center (Masjid Khadeejah)

Adnan Al-Ghourabi – Director of Communication



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