Sunday School

Posted on Feb 25 , 2010 in Programs

Masjid Khajeeda Sunday Islamic School Started on January 3rd, 2010 we are teaching Islam my Deen as Islam My Way Of Life with the Starting enrollment of 12 student. Current enrollment at 24 student.

Currently their are 2 grade levels.

Timings 11 am-1 pm

1. Level 1 age group 5-7 Curriculum Includes: Short Surahs, 5 Pillars of Isalm, Islamic Nasheeds and Islamic Manners

2. Level 2 age group 8-12 Curriculum Includes: Complete steps of Wudu, Complete Steps of Salah with meaning, Short Surahs with meaning, Life of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)

At present their are 2 volunteer teachers for each level. We are looking to add another level for the age group of 13-17 soon Inshallah

Also we are teaching Quran between 1-5 pm every Sunday to all children age level

Started MAS ( Muslim American Society)  group for our teenagers on February 27th which will be taking place every other Saturday between 6-8 pm.

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