Women’s Program: Sisters in Solidarity

Posted on Feb 25 , 2010 in Programs

The Sisters in Solidarity (SIS) group is meeting once  a month (2nd Saturday) from 2-4pm.

The group’s activities entail learning Quran, Hadith, and other Islamic teachings and rituals.

For example, they are currently going over the translation of surat An-Nisa (The Women). In each gathering one Hadith is selected and studied. In one gathering, the sisters learned how to give ghusal (washing) to a deceased person.

The setting is casual and comforting with the intention of creating an inviting atmosphere for sisters to gather.

When the group first started, SIS had five members. As the word spread around, there are currently 20 members!

If you are interested in joining, please attend at the aforementioned date/time or contact sister Shehla Barkatullah.

3 Comments → “ Women’s Program: Sisters in Solidarity ”

  1. Aisha Abdul-Rasheed

    10 years ago

    Are your services in english?

  2. Administrator

    10 years ago

    Yes they are. I just e-mailed you the sister’s e-mail address who organizes this progam.

  3. Julie Curtiss-Lusher

    10 years ago

    I am a student getting my Masters in Social Work. We are doing a multi-culture project and I was interested in attending this program. Who could I speak to about that? Thank you